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Yam is an edible tuber grown in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. More often than not, people mistake them for sweet potatoes, but they are so different. Yams are starchier than potatoes and less sweet. There are several Nigerian recipes you can make with your Tuna yam.

These edible tubers are as delicious as they are nutritious. They are nutritionally dense and packed with a lot of nutrients that benefit your health. They are a great source of manganese and potassium that promotes good health function and support bone health.

It is also a great source of copper. Copper is important for the production of red blood cells and even iron absorption.

Yam is a staple food crop in Nigeria. Nigerians love and enjoy it as it can be cooked and enjoyed in several ways.

Do you have a tuber of yam at home and want to try out something new and delicious? We have compiled different delicious yam recipes in this article. These recipes are a must-try and will definitely take your tongue on a tasty adventure.

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This is probably the most expensive yam recipe, but it is so worth it. It has such great depth of flavour and exquisite taste, regardless of if you decide you use fish or meat for the recipe.

In fact, that is the beauty of this recipe. You can use any kind of meat or fish for the recipe as you wish to achieve different tastes and flavours.

The yam peppersoup is very easy to make. The peppersoup is prepared beforehand to taste, and the yam is then added to the soup and cooked till soft and nice. The yam absorbs the flavour and thickens the soup nicely. The result is a hearty and filling dish that is so yummy it makes your tongue dance.

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This yam recipe is perhaps the cheapest one as it does not use a lot of ingredients. All you need is your yam, salt to season and oil to fry the yam. You can use the oil used to fry the yam to also fry the sauce. You can garnish the sauce as you see fit with fried fish, prawns, meat and so on.

You may even enjoy the fried yam with ketchup, hot sauce or even honey.

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Yam porridge is a loaded and flavorful recipe enjoyed by most households in Nigeria. It is made by cooking the yam in a pepper sauce made with palm oil. The yam is then cooked till soft and mashed roughly. This dish is usually garnished with crayfish, smoked fish, meat and vegetables to enhance the local flavour and give you that village taste and smell.

Most even make vegetable sauce (efo riro) to enjoy this with.

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4.      YAMARITA

Yamarita is a Hausa yam dish that is now very popular in every part of Nigeria. It is delicious, so easy to make and can even be eaten as a snack on the go.

It is made by coating boiled yam with egg and flour mixed and seasoned with various spices. The coated yam slices are then deep fried till it is golden brown and crispy. Next time you have leftover boiled yam; you can consider using it to make this dish instead of throwing it out.

Yamarita can be enjoyed alone, or with different sauces as dips.


This is another simple recipe enjoyed by many households in Nigeria, mostly as breakfast. It is made by simply peeling and slicing the yam, then boiling it till done.

The egg sauce is prepared by scrambling the eggs in a seasoned pepper sauce. This sauce is served as a side with the yam.

6.      OJOJO

Ojojo is popular in Western Nigeria, the Yorubas. It is made from a special kind of yam, called the water yam.

The water yam is peeled and grated. It is then thoroughly mixed till it is fluffy. Any spices of choice can be added to it to add to the flavour. One can even add grounded pepper to it if one likes it spicy.

It is then moulded into small balls and fried in hot oil till golden and crispy. It is very delicious, and best eaten when hot, dipped in pepper sauce or alone.


Pounded yam is revered as the king of all foods in Yorubaland. In fact, some people reserve these dish only for special occasions as it is considered special.

It is made from boiled yam thoroughly pounded till it's fluffy and nice. It is then wrapped up in leaves or nylon till it is ready to be eaten with the soup of choice. For me, I enjoy this dish best with efo riro, a delicious vegetable soup made.

Pounded yam can also be enjoyed with Egusi (Melon soup), okra soup and even ewedu soup.

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Our forefathers swear by this meal. In the olden days, it was commonly eaten when our fathers and their workers are busy harvesting yam on their farms. Some of the fresh yams are roasted over open flames and eaten with palm oil.

Now, it is a popular street food enjoyed everywhere in Nigeria. It is very easy to make and can be made in the comfort of your own house. You can roast the yam in a grill or oven. Once it is done, season with a little salt, dip in palm oil and enjoy.

9.      IKOKORE

Ikokore is another yam recipe made from water yam. It is a form of yam porridge; the only difference is the type of yam used. This recipe is popular with the Ijebu people of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Instead of cooking the yam whole, as in the yam porridge recipe, the water yam is grated and then cooked, porridge style.

This local dish is best enjoyed on its own or served with cold eba or pap.


Another way Nigerians enjoy yam is by incorporating it into their beans' pottage. This adds a different twist to the dish, creating a hearty dish everyone loves and enjoys.

It is done by adding cubed yams into the beans pottage when it is halfway done. This allows the yam to cook and properly absorb all the flavours. The yam is then mashed with the beans, roughly to create a porridge consistency.

The result is a sumptuous and filling meal that people enjoy.

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