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A lot is happening around the world that directly and indirectly affects every one of us. The price of food prices, fuel and other commodities keep rising.

The Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) have noted that the global food commodity prices fell slightly in April. This happened after the prices reached their highest point in the previous month.

According to the details included in the Food Price Index report released recently, the fall was a result of a slight downturn in the prices of cereal and vegetable oil. The report also noted that sugar, meat and dairy prices have sustained moderate increases.

The Food Price Index tracks the monthly changes in the international prices of food commodities According to the details included in the Food Price Index report released recently.

The increased prices you see when you want to buy vegetable oil, cereals, goat meat, frozen catfish and the likes aren’t always the vendor’s doing.

The FAO chief economist, Maximo Torero Cullen opined that the small decrease in the price index is a welcome relief. This is especially true for countries with low income and food deficits.

However, despite this decrease, food prices still remain quite close to their recent high prices. This is posing a great challenge to global food security for the most vulnerable.

The impact of rising food prices affect not only the poor buy farmers and middle class citizens as well.


While there isn’t much that you and I can do regarding high prices of commodities, we can however find a solution to how we shop and eat.

Only the government know how they can prevent the rising prices of goods in the market. And we are certain they are doing what they can.

Despite the said decrease in the price of food, we can all agree that food commodities are still quite expensive. We have compiled several strategies to help you to be cost-effective and beat the high prices of food.

We can control how we let the rising food prices affect how we go about our daily lives.

You can still shop in your favourite offline or online afro Caribbean food shop near you.

These are things an average consumer can do about rising food prices.


Aside from the amazing health benefits, eating more vegetables and fruits is a sure way to be cost-effective in your food budget. Given the recent Food Price Index report, the prices of meat and dairy are still at an all-time high.

Note that you don’t have to give up meat completely except if you wish to become a vegetarian. However, you can ratio your food proportions, and make vegetables and fruits the focus of your meals.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from your online African food grocery store or African market will save you a lot of money and even make you healthier. Talk about eating your cake and having it.

Buy ugu leaves, scotch bonnet, okra, ewedu and the likes to spice up your meal plan.


Buying in bulk is a strategy for eating well for less. This allows you eat healthy on a tight budget.

Food items that can last long in your pantry or refrigerator should be bought in large quantities. Especially if you use these food items often in your recipes.

Buying food items in bulk might help you get discounts in African grocery stores and even African markets near you, saving you some extra cash.

Buy foodstuffs like pasta, garri, honey beans, puna yam, canned foods, rice and so on in large quantities, to get the wholesale prices.

You can also buy indomie noodles in bulk – if you are a fan. It is very useful to have.


Take advantage of discounted sales to stock up your freezer on food products that farewell with freezing.

Foods like cheese, vegetables, catfish, meats, berries, nuts, fruits, bread and so on freeze great. If you can afford to buy large quantities at discount, take advantage of that to save money.

However, be mindful of foods that don’t do well in the freezer, like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers and so on.

You can buy vegetables like bitter leaves, okazi and waterleaf to be stored in your freezer. Also buy frozen catfish, smoked catfish fillet, goat meat and the likes to store in your freezer.

You can also buy frozen vegetables from online afro Caribbean stores near you as well.


A study by priceonomics has shown that it is 5 times more expensive to order home delivery from a restaurant than to cook at home. Imagine how much you will save just by making your own food at home.

Get comfortable experimenting with different recipes, and even throwing together a last-minute meal from ingredients in your refrigerator.

Doing this will help you maintain a strict food budget and beat the growing price of food.


Instead of throwing leftovers in the trash, if they are not spoilt, get creative and recycle them into a brand new meal, to be enjoyed with relish. For example, you can turn your leftover white rice into fried rice by incorporating eggs, vegetables and some other condiments or spices you have at hand to your taste.

In fact, instead of throwing away your chicken carcass, meat bone and leftover veggies, you can combine all these to make your stock and store them in the fridge.

Now, you have a healthy and delicious stock ready to go, and you don’t have to spend extra on getting this in an online grocery shop.


This is one of the ways to beat inflation in grocery stores.

Yes, I know we have our favourite brands of cereal and other food products. We can all agree that these famous brands are usually expensive compared to generic ones. However, some of these generic brands provide the same value or even more, for less price.

Next time you visit an African grocery store, consider trying out less popular brands. You might end up discovering a new, better and cheaper brand.

This is a way to reduce food prices when you go shopping.


Rigid budgets is one of the effect of rising food prices on food consumption.

Without a budget, it is easy to spend more money and buy more than you need or even things you don’t need. Before your next trip to the store, make sure you plan your meals and write out a budget.

This will serve as a guide, and save you from impulse buying.


Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season is cheaper than buying ones whose season has passed or canned. Take advantage of this and find a way to incorporate fruits and vegetables in season into your diet.

This way you get to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables at a reduced cost. For those that can last long in storage by freezing, drying or even pickling, buy as much as you can when they are in season.

Preserve them, and store them for use when they are out of season and expensive.

Most online African food shops have these fruits and vegetables all year round, so you never miss your favourite dish.


Local farmers’ markets have in-season food products at great prices compared to African supermarkets. You can get better deals on fruits, vegetables, eggs, beef, poultry and so on by patronizing and supporting local farmers.

In addition to this, you are sure to get the freshest produce with lots of nutrients and great taste.


Another way to beat the high prices of food items is by substituting less expensive ingredients for expensive ones in your recipe.

You can save a lot of money by eating less fresh meat and eating more eggs, frozen fish and meats instead. You can also substitute pasta for rice or fresh tomatoes for tomato paste and enjoy brand new and creative recipes.

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