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When you are away from home, it is easy to get homesick and crave things that link one back home. Food is one of those things. The smell of a delicious efo riro, loaded with assorted condiments is enough to transport one back to one’s village in Western Nigeria.

If you are wondering if you can recreate some of your favourite African recipes right here in the UK, look no further! We have carefully compiled a list of delicious traditional African meals you can make right here in the UK.

In addition to this, we supply some of the ingredients needed for these recipes, so you don’t have to worry about getting them. Here are some traditional African recipes you can make in the UK.

You can buy any of the ingredients needed from your favourite African food shop near you.


If you are from Nigeria, especially Western Nigeria, then this dish is as traditional as it gets. This meal is made with African spinach or any local vegetables, mixed in with pepper sauce fried with palm oil, onions, locust beans and loaded with assorted proteins of choice.

The fried onions and locust beans smell will make the ancient city of Ibadan flash across your mind.

This meal can be easily recreated right here in the UK as some of these ingredients are readily available and some can be substituted.

For example, you can use any leafy green vegetable instead of African spinach. Vegetable or groundnut oil can be used in place of palm oil.

Buy your efo-riro ingredients from any online African shop near you.


This is one of the easiest meals an African in the diaspora can make to indulge the African nostalgia. All the ingredients needed to make this dish is readily available and accessible. From the peppers to the sauces and spices, they are all common and you will definitely have them lying around in your kitchen store.

Buy your jollof rice ingredients from any online African grocery.


This is for South Africans who have missed their beloved street food. This tasty and filling meal will transport you back to the street of Cape Town.

The hollowed-out bread filled with delicious hot curry sauce is something you can make right there in your kitchen, capturing the magic of early morning breakfast on the street.


This aromatic stew is considered to be one of Angola’s national food treasures.

It is also known as Chicken Muamba. The spicy and oily stew is made with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilli and okra. All these ingredients are readily available in African grocery stores in the UK and can be easily gotten without breaking the bank.

This dish can be enjoyed with white rice or any swallow of your choice, as is available.


This South African dish is famous for special occasions and celebrations. It brings back memories of Christmas spent with cousins, an aunt’s wedding ceremony or an elder’s burial.

The one-put, the slow-cooked dish is made with layers of marinated meat, rice, lentils and spices. It is topped with crispy fried onions and hard-boiled eggs. The aroma alone is enough to whisk you away from the UK and back to your mother’s kitchen.


Also known as beans pudding, this famous Nigerian dish is made with beans. It can be easily made with beans, pepper, chilli, onions and palm oil or groundnut oil.

Instead of making it the traditional way, which is wrapping it in a leaf and steaming it till done, you could actually bake it in an oven. All you have to do is pour the pureed beans into an oiled pan, topped with your favourite condiments like hard-boiled eggs and crayfish.

On the lowest level in the oven, pour some water inside the tray and then put the pan on the tray on the next level. This is to create some kind of steam that will cook the food.

Better still, you can dish it inside small cupcake tins and steam it in a pot till done. It may not taste as delicious as the leaf-wrapped Moi Moi, but trust me, it still slaps.


This is famous comfort food in Kenya, and a personal favourite of most Kenyans popularly called Irio.

It is made with readily available ingredients, mashed potatoes, peas, beans, corn and onions. It is often served with spiced roasted meat, as an accompaniment to the meal.


This aromatic stew is perfect for white rice or any morsel of choice. Made from pureed peppers and chicken, simmering under low heat till soft and tender, the tantalizing aroma will transport you back to Christmas morning in the village.

You can make it as spicy as you like, to get a touch of that famous African heat.


Even though it is termed Nigerian, nothing about the ingredient used in making this that it is Nigerian. In fact, this Nigerian snack can pass for a British pastry.

It is made with popular ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, minced meat and potatoes. It is a staple Nigerian snack that can be made in your kitchen to recapture childhood spent, eating meat pie as an after-school snack.


This is another popular African snack that you can easily make in your home. Filleted beef, seasoned with some traditional spices and roasted to perfection. The crispy exterior, juicy interior and top-notch flavour will transport you back to Nigerian nightlife, where this is found on every street corner.

The suya spice can be gotten from an African store or you can make yours in your house. All you need is some peanut, dried chilli peppers, smoked paprika, and salt. Onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, African nutmeg, cloves and seasoning powder.

Marinate your beef with this and toss it on the grill to roast. Your palate will be so pleased with you and your stomach will thank you for a job well done.

Buy your suya spice and other ingredients from any African food store near you.

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