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Grocery budgets tend to pile up if care isn’t taken. This is why having a grocery list is an essential smart grocery shopping tip.

It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping for yourself or your family, healthy shopping is important.

If you have been to the supermarket or the grocery store recently, I am sure you would notice the increase in the price of groceries and food times. From African and Caribbean food items to bacon, fruits and even common milk are not spared from inflation.

The increase in the cost of food items could be a result of different things. One is the unstable weather conditions that cause the farmers to produce less than bargained for. This makes some food products scarce and expensive.

Also, an increase in shipping rates for exported products could be a culprit as well.

No matter what the reasons are for the high cost of groceries, this article will help you make the best of your grocery budget. We have carried out our research and compiled some essential tips that are sure to help you save money on your trips to the grocery store.


To combat the rising price of production costs, some companies have devised the method of keeping the selling price of their products the same, while reducing the content or quality of the produce.

This is to put customers under the illusion that they are getting the same quality for the same price. This also helps companies beat other competitors in the market who increased their selling prices to deal with the inflation.

However, you should be wary of this. You may think you are getting a good deal whereas, you are spending more for less. Take your time to compare the prices and quantity of the products. Don’t just jump at a seemingly cheaper product, you might be getting a terrible deal.


Planning your weekly meal ahead will help you save a lot of money when you are out grocery shopping.

When you plan your meal, you know the ingredients needed for the recipe because you will have a list. This will help you strictly make your grocery list and buy just the essentials for the week, cutting down on food wastage.

It is very easy to get carried away while in the store, adding things you may not need to your cart. However, planning your meal and strictly sticking to your budget will help you not go overboard and save you from unwanted expenses.


Some credit cards help you save money on groceries. They do this by offering cardholders some percentage of cashback at the supermarket on up to a certain amount of purchase in a year.

Choosing the right credit card company might go a long way in helping you save money on groceries.

Sainsbury Bank Master Card, for example, has high rewards for shopping.

Make sure to do adequate research before signing up for your credit cards and choose one that will help you save money.

Money Saving Expert has an extensive list of the best UK credit cards that give rewards for shopping.

You should also look out for online or offline grocery stores near you that offer discounts.

Kiri Foods as an example is an online grocery store that offers various discounts on African and Caribbean groceries. They also often offer free delivery.

·        DON’T BE GREEDY

Everyone loves to get things on sale because you get more items at cheaper prices. However, this can have a lot of impact on your grocery budget.

Buying things just because they are on sale may not always be a good thing. You may end up buying something you don’t need. Just because you are carried away by how ridiculously cheap it is.

This food product may end up wasting away in your pantry or refrigerator. You need to cultivate a healthy shopping habit.

Before you make that impulse buy, make sure it is what you need and can afford. Actually, discounts sometimes let you shop more for less or the same budget.

·        COUPONS

Save up your coupons and use them when you can to get discounts at your favourite grocery store or supermarket.

Check for discounts on things you need as well. However, remember not to get carried away and get things that you may not use.

Using a mobile grocery app is a great way to get discounts on groceries. These apps offer promotions and discounts. Take advantage of this.


We all love to buy from popular brands, no matter how expensive they get. Here is the thing, some of these no names or less popular brands have a better quality than the popular ones.

It might take a little bit of trial and error, but I believe there is gold waiting to be found in the mines.

Consider trying out a less popular brand today. You will spend less, save more and might even discover a new brand.


While shopping, it is a great idea to calculate the prices as you add the items to your cart. This has been made very easy as mobile phones come with a calculating app. You don’t have to deal with awkward looks from strangers by carrying a calculator around.

Calculating each item while adding it to the cart helps you stick to your spending plan. This is especially important when grocery shopping on a budget.


Always go to the grocery store or supermarket on a full stomach. Shopping hungry might make you buy more junk and snacks. This will not only make you spend more; it is also unhealthy.


Clean out your pantry and refrigerator at least once a month. This will help you clear out expired or spoilt food items and help you note leftovers.

Instead of buying more of what you already have, you know not to and buy more of what you need.

Organizing your refrigerator, food cupboards or pantry also makes it easy to find what you need when cooking.

If it is all disorganized, you may have what you need and not know you do. You will then end up buying more of what you already have.


Instead of buying canned foods, buy fresh or frozen food instead. Not only are they cheaper and will help you spend less, but they are also healthier and more delicious than canned products.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Clean, chop them up and store them in the freezer so you will have them ready to go anytime you need them.


Always check the expiry dates of the groceries. Buy groceries that have a long shelf life, especially if you know you are going to be using them for a while.


Grocery shopping on a budget is achievable but requires discipline. Most of the time, our shopping budget is bloated by things we do need. Impulsive shopping is a thing and it is one of the things you must fight against.

The tips we have provided aren’t certain to help you shop on a budget as this is determined by your actual budget and needs. But they will surely help you save money.


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